This post is to talk about the disappointment I felt today.  I have done so poorly in both assignments so far and am left asking, is this all worth it?  I would understand if I had rushed and crammed to complete the assignment in 2 days or I just did not care and put little effort into it or if the comments showed exactly where  I went wrong or I made a lot of writing blunders but all I can say is that once again I am left wondering.

I really hope my fellow bloggers are not left with the same feelings of disappointment and although I could throw the towel in right now I know I have to  pick myself up and dust myself off.   I just have to find the strength to do this as today just took the wind out of my sails 😦


9 thoughts on “Disappointment

  1. do not despair Leesa, I feel the same way. This is certainly not a reflection of you as a teacher or as a person. I would also add that if more than a few of us rated poorly then some responsibility lies with the university to provide a more clearer structured assignment criteria.

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  3. Hi Leesa,

    I think the course is marked harder in relative to others. There’s always other subjects to do well in. Keep your hopes up, maybe things will look up. ❤


  4. Hi Leesa, I agree with the people previously, I too have not had great marks for this subject and this is my second time… something I would not wish on my worst enemy! In my first assignment I was told my essay writing was abysmal, but I can’t understand that because at the same time I got an A for an assignment in a different subject. Please keep going, and pull yourself together, at times you will feel like it is not worth it but really it is… As melmessenger states above, it is the responsibility of the course examiner to ensure that the subject is run to a satisfactory standard, and really at times I believe this is not the case.
    I have spoken out about this last time, but more people need to complain about the unrealistic weekly tasks and requirements for assignments. I know for one that when I have completed this course there will be no more blogging for me… I just don’t have the time.
    Keep smiling .

    • Hey Leesa,
      I was looking through other students blogs and i come across yours and as Gillian mentioned it seems to be a little harder of a course! Keep your head up as it is nearly over!

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