Love prac


So day three is down and I want to blog about what I have experienced so far.  I am feeling very blessed in that this mentor and my previous mentors have all been amazing.  They are the epitome of not only great teachers but also great mentors.  They are more than willing to share their knowledge and experience, while they encourage and guide me.  I have made a great connection with this mentor as I have with my previous mentors.  So far I have used a multi modal presentation to tell students a little about myself and am currently working with the entire class as I guide each student into creating their very first personal power point presentation about  sun safety.

 I wish there was more time allocated, for us as future teachers to spend more time in the class room.  I love practical experience. From the moment I walk in the door I start taking notes (both written and mental).  I monitor my mentor, I look for things that seem to work and things that don’t.  I think about things that I might try or change if it were my class.  I think about how I would set the classroom up.  But it is the teaching that I love it has a tendency to make all of the challenges and hardships of studying worth while.  To put it simply prac makes me want my own class and to be a teacher 🙂


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