First day of prac !!

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About to start getting ready for first day of prac and asked myself ‘self are you prepared?’ 🙂  Had a bit of a panic attack as I spent yesterday cleaning (as I know my house will only have the bare minimum done to it while my partner takes on my role for the next three weeks, as in his eyes ‘he is on holidays’ 🙂 ).  So this morning it is a bit of a mad panic for me as I work out if  I am ready to start my journey.  I think first impressions last so do not want to rock up disorganised.   Then I remembered my check list blog and thought perfect !  I will check it out and make sure I am organised 🙂  And of course stop and blog about it along the way ha ha.  I also found this web site that has some great tips on how to be a good student teacher  Hope everyone has a great first day with out any dramas.  I am now off to wake kids and get everyone organised for school including myself eeekkk !!  Joking should be good only observing today 🙂 Remember everyone smile and believe in yourself and in the words of Alexandra Trenfor ‘The Best Teachers Show us Where to Look, But NOT What to See.’



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