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Have you ever been bullied?  Have you ever been a bully?  Maybe you have been a bully without realising you were a bully.

I have a passion for trying to stamp out bullying (for my own personal reasons).

The feeling that one has when they are made to feel inferior to another, as a result of bullying  is one of isolation, humiliation, frustration and  even anger.

Today I came across this youtube clip that is inspirational.  The clip is of  two young boys who are auditioning for ‘Britain’s got talent.’  Before they perform one of the boys tells why he wrote the lyrics to the song they perform.   Bullying can be a person constantly taunting another, or it can be a one off occurrence.    No matter how, where or why it occurs it is imperative that as future teachers we  listen to, pick up on and address bullying.  I want to show this clip to future students to show them and encourage them to speak out against bullying.  I am also adding this link to Tim Field’s web site ‘Bullyonline.’   Although the name suggests the web page relates to bullies online it is actually about all types of bullies and could be very helpful when identifying and dealing with bullies.


One thought on “Bullying

  1. Reblogged this on emteaching and commented:
    Can I just start by saying WOW to this YouTube clip from Britain’s Got Talent ! I have my own personal history as a victim bullying, I do regret to admit it that I have also been unnecessarily unkind and insensitive to others, I have seen bullying, I have reported bullying, and I pray like crazy that my own children will never suffer the evils of bullying. I originally saw this on Facebook but for some strange reason didn’t watch it (probably because I knew I should have been studying rather than quickly scanning through Facebook) and ironically Facebook being a huge platform these days for bullying.
    This song was so incredibly touching it bought tears to my eyes, the lyrics were so raw and true and the chorus was inspiring. I would not hesitate for a second showing this clip in a middle primary class during an anti bullying lesson. I believe this song with become quite public and possibly a hit, but for now take a listen and think about the messages being portrayed and what is means to you and how you could do your part in stopping bullying! Thank you so much for posting lrjones!!

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