Teach students to be resilient

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Not sure if anyone else has these moments through all the struggles, achievements and failures.  But sometimes things just seem to happen for a reason.  It is like there is a purpose behind all of this (I know that sounds silly) of course there is a purpose to all of this but I am not talking about reaching the end.  Well maybe I am a little.  Ok now I know you are thinking what is she rambling  on about 🙂

The purpose I am referring to is stumbling onto the following websites.  The websites are about  how we see failure but more importantly how kids deal with failure and ways that we as future teachers can help students see failure as a necessity in life and provide them with the strategies to deal with it.  Carol Dweck, a professor at Stanford, examines the self-conceptions (or mindsets) people use to structure the self and guide their behavior.  I found her readings very interesting such as praising children for their intelligence can actually make them less likely to persist in the face of a challenge. Dweck found that students actually respond better and try harder when their efforts rather than their intelligence are recognised.

The second site that I found interesting was Marilyn Price-Mitchell’s  Learning from mistakes: Helping kids see the good side of getting things wrong.  Marilyn also offers a free ebook called Reframing success.  The third  site I found with heaps of free resources is Fuller’s Inya head  awesome site for helping students set goals .  Please take a look at these sites or research for yourself and help to create resilient students who can deal with criticism and failure and see it as a learning curb.


2 thoughts on “Teach students to be resilient

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  2. Hi Leesa, thanks for the resources. Andrew Fuller has some great stuff, I’ll be bookmarking his website. I bought Carol Dweck’s book Mindset at the beginning of the semester and am almost finished. I love it and have found it very inspiring. Thanks for your post.

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