Take this lollipop

I have always been wary of the internet.  The thought of my information at the hands of any reasonable hacker is a scary thought.  I am so worried about that someone who has too much time on their hands and no morals could do that I do not even give permission for my kid’s schools permission to publish any photos of my kids online.  However I love facebook and am happy to put pics up of the kids and our farm in fact the amount of data that I have on there for the world to see is alarming !!

So why has this only just come to my attention?  It was in a learning path activity where my lecturer gained my attention on how much personal information I actually have readily available for any Tom, Dick or Harry to access.  David put up a link to the ‘take this lollipop‘ site.  I did not go past the first page      download (5)   of the what appears to be a web page but is in fact a facebook app.  Luckily David also gave us the link to  Dennis’s Blog post ‘ Take This Lollipop and the Importance of Facebook Privacy‘ which tells us exactly what happens on the site as I was extremely curious to know what was beyond the lollipop.  Interestingly when Dennis blogged about this facebook app it had only been online for a number of hours and already had 16,000 “Likes”.  Today two and a half years on the app now has 15 263 316 likes !!  The actor in the app Bill Oberst Jr. talks about the success of the apt in this you tube clip. 


4 thoughts on “Take this lollipop

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  2. I watched the Take the lollipop and I had to turn it off. It completely freaked me out and got me thinking. Quickly after that I went through and checked my Facebook settings and googled my name. I even went through and deleted some Facebook friends just to be safe. It was a good eye opener. The key is to always be vigilant.

  3. Reblogged this on emteaching and commented:
    I felt this was the perfect description of how I felt when I too watched the very alarming video called “take this lollipop” which shows a very sinister man finding all the information he needs to track down a woman and then suggests he has committed a horrible act. The aim is to challenge you to take part in having your Facebook information accessed by this program /app, have you checked out and then your information deleted and shown to you how easily it is to find out way too much information about you. I personally do have Facebook and I chose not to take the lollipop (or so it is implied “taking candy from a stranger”) as I chose to just watch the video that Leesa has posted on her blog. I have since changed a few details on my Facebook although my privacy setting were already rather strict.
    It is unfortunate that such a great social networking tool can be used in such horrible ways , however the more aware and educated we ALL can be (adults and especially children) the less chance of us not exposing too much.
    Great post Leesa!

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