My digital footprint

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My Digital Footprint

Even though I never really believed that anyone could gain my information (from fb) or would even want to I have always been aware that what I post is available for all of my family and friends to see.  In fact I like the thought of face book being like a personal diary that my grand kids and great grand kids will be able to look back on and take a journey through parts of my life.  However I do not like the thought of students, parents or even work colleagues having the same access and for that reason made the decision to ensure my teaching life stays separate from my personal life.

For this reason I kept my facebook account in my married name even though I have been divorced for almost eight years.  I figured this was a great alias and is a great way of ensuring only the people I want to have access to my personal life does.  Although after seeing the lollipop facebook app which I spoke about in my last  blog I did decide to change my security settings 🙂


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