I have always been curious about why people behave the way they do and how someones actions can impact on so many others.  ICT and the internet has created a whole new avenue for someones actions to affect others.  I have completed two assignments for two other courses about cyber bullying.  I have researched how it affects children of all ages, genders and races.  The scary part of cyber bullying is it happens in a child’s seclusive areas for example their bedroom. In the past bullying would happen on the way to or from school or in the school yard now it can happen anywhere,  any time as long as there is internet access.

Teachers, students and parents need to know that while there are so many avenues in the cyber world that can harm a child equally there are as many avenues and resources available to help prevent this from occurring.  The most important thing for all to remember is education is the key to this prevention.  The Australian Government’s Cyber Safety web site ‘Cyber Smart‘ is just one of the resources available for any online users.  The information and resources it provides is very useful and informative.

However a student who may be feeling isolated or threatened due to a form of improper usage of an internet resource may not readily look for these kind of resources on their own.  As future teachers one can only hope that we are in tuned enough with our students to know if they are being subjected to inappropriate online behaviour.  Our aim should be to have our students trust us enough to confide in us if they have concerns about cyber safety.

Cyber safety is an area I am passionate about after experiencing bullying first hand I know how it affects ones self esteem.  After researching cyber bullying I have seen the devastating effects it can have not only on the victim but also their family and friends.   If I teach in a school that has a cyber safety program in place I will volunteer my time towards it and if there is no such program I would talk to the Principal about starting one.  As teachers (and parents) it is up to us to help keep our kids safe.  The cyber safe certificate I obtained after completing the four modules on the Connect Ed web page is just one way of ensuring I am up to the challenge.



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