Correction Codes


I know a few of my posts have been on marking work but I feel it is an integral part of our role as future teachers and that we should fully understand how our marking will impact on students.  It is up to us to discover and create ways that ensure our marking systems has a positive impact when it comes to  our future students.  Allowing them to get the most out of any feed back we provide.  So why not search now instead of waiting until we get into a classroom?

As stated in a previous post ‘Putting a stop to red ink in the classroom’ I feel the underlying problem when it comes to marking a student’s work is how the pen is used.  My previous mentor demonstrated a marking system that had me intrigued and I have since come across it in another course.  The method is called ‘correction codes’ it involves providing a coded system for students showing them where correction in required.

This strategy can really only benefit the student if there are follow up lessons.  These lessons should include methods or strategies that the student can use to improve an area that was recognised as requiring attention.  The following two documents are aimed at providing you with further information about correction codes.     The first document was written by Ferdouse (2013).   Ferdouse talks about  how and why this system is becoming a growing trend in the modern day classroom 14463-52561-1-PB.

I have also included the second document to provide you with examples of how some of the symbols of the code look.  I think you could tweak the code to however you wanted as long as your students understand exactly what each symbol represents res_15431_nvsseditingcode.

Making mistakes is a part of life but how we go about correcting them comes down to how we feel when we make them and how we decide to correct them.  Correction codes can help take away the stigma that often arises for students when error feedback is used as a marking system.  Compared to coded feedback, error feedback can often leave the student feeling they are not only wrong but can also cause feelings of dishearten where self esteem is lowered.  This can cause a domino effect where their self confidence is reduced and therefore they may be less inclined to try in the future.  Code correction is more about pointing the student in the right direction rather than just simply telling them they are wrong.  Code correction allows the student to self correct an important skill used in and out of school and providing self confidence in their own self correction abilities.




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