Bee bots


When I complete a semester I reward myself by buying something that I will use in my future classroom.  Last semester I bought a ‘Bee Bot‘.  Now I have never used a bee bot in fact before mine arrived in the mail I had not even seen one in person. However I had heard of peers who gave them a great wrap and so I decided to get one.  I am yet to try him out (arrived at the start of this semester so just have not had the time 😦 ).  So it was really cool too see Audrey do a blog about bee bots ‘Beep Beep Bee Bots’ .  Audrey gives a great run down on how they work.  I bought a map to go with mine as well as I thought it would be great way of introducing prepies to letters or I could use it for older students to form words.

download (3)

The uses for teaching using bee bots are endless and are really only limited by your own imagination.  Creating your own maps is something I also intend to do (when life is not so busy 🙂 ).  I also purchased a book that has some awesome teaching ideas with a bee bot.  I can’t wait to have some practice sessions with my bee bot (might have to wait till after this semester or may try and implement it during a lesson or two while on prac 🙂 ).  Also out of curiosity I went and checked out the ‘pro bot’ which Audrey mentioned, very cool might have to get one of these after this semester 🙂

download (2)

Thanks for sharing your knowledge on the bee bot Audrey would love to hear of any cool lessons you have used the bee bot in or plan to 🙂


3 thoughts on “Bee bots

  1. Thanks for sharing. I will also be using bee bots on prac and am fortunate my prac school has a class set they share! I am excited to learn how to use it and plan lessons with my mentor.

  2. What a great idea – rewarding yourself after each semester. I think I might start doing that as well. You’ll have a great selection of resources to take with you into your own classroom.

  3. Reblogged this on Appess and commented:
    Such a great idea Leesa of rewarding yourself by buying something for the classroom. What a great resource the ‘Bee Bot’ is and great links to it. I thought i would share this post as many pre-service teachers struggle with finding fun engaging resources for the classroom.

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