My Practical Experience Check List


This is my way of making sure I have every thing I need to go on my 4th prac.  I will add to this as needed 🙂

So far I have familiarised myself with the school where I am going.  I found the best way to do this was not just to google the school’s name but instead I googled ‘find a school’ this site allowed me to type in the school’s name and then directed me to the school’s directory page where I found the school’s link on the right hand side of the page beside ‘Internet site’.

I have also been to the school and met my mentor who seems very nice.  During the meeting we discussed the general requirements of the class (lower achieving class) and what courses I will teach.  I found out what time I should be there on Monday the 19th May.  We also talked about some of the extra activities that I should attend such as staff meetings held every Friday morning.

********Note to self complete and send in form for learning place ****** 

For my personal portfolio (print out).

EDC 3100 ICT Statement  2014 EDC3100 ICT Statement_v1

2014 Weekly Feedback  2014 Weekly Feedback_v1

Generic Learning/Lesson Plan  2014 Generic Learning-Lesson Plan_v1

3100 Lesson Plan 3100 Lesson Planning Template

Professional Experience Report  2014 Professional Experience Report_v1

Prof-exp-intern-overview  prof-exp-intern-overview


For both mine and my mentors usage during prac (print 2 copies).

2014 Professionals Experience Book  2014 Professional Experience Book_v1 

Professional Experience Guidelines 2014  2014 Professional Experience Guidelines_v1 (1)

Mentor’s lesson feedback Document  mentor_lesson_feedback

Weekly feedback (x3)  Weekly Feedback

Referee’s statement  referee-statement

To submit for assignment 3

Five completed lesson plans that show (also for personal portfolio). *****(Remember Implement teaching strategies for using ICT to expand curriculum learning opportunities for students). *****

My own personal things to take on Monday


Comfy shoes

Water bottle


My folder with all of above forms (sort into three folders, mine and mentors, mine, mentors).

Pencil case

Note pad (for taking notes monitor my mentor)  can also use observation booklet  observation_booklet (1)


ID Badge

Blue card (take purse).

Last day of prac

Thank you card to mentor

Present for Mentor

Small gifts for students

Box of chocolates for all staff  (leave in staff room)

Ensure all paper work is complete

Ensure Sonia is signed off


Differences for my Prac

First time not in a composite class

School is a larger than previous schools


Things to remember when on Prac

Take note if students are engaged, switch strategies if needed to keep them focused.

Follow mentor’s lead when it comes to BM.

Two mental notes to self, do not say ok and guys (recommendations from previous prac).

Three questions I may be asked at the end of semester

  1. What was the most important thing(s) you learned on professional experience?
  2. Looking back, what did you wish you had known before going on professional experience?
  3. Has professional experience changed your views of teaching, of you as a teacher, of ICTs? If so, how?

 Things to do while on Prac

Reflect on each lesson taught (in note form).

Record any BM used in class (ask mentor if there is a particular child who tends to regularly requires BM, for SPE 3005).


Things to discuss with mentor

Class and school rules and routines



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