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Since starting this course I have been intrigued by the way we are encouraged to share.  In every other course I have done it is like secret squirrel.  The beauty of the sharing concept is that it will make us better teachers. Not only will we have more knowledge and resources as a result of this sharing but we also can see the benefits of how it can enhance learning.  A fellow student Loumj, shared some great timeline resources in her blog ‘more-resource-searching‘.  While another peer, kbkermode shared a very different version or should I say new perspective of ‘Goldilocks and the  three bears’. which can be seen using the link provided in her blog ‘view various perspectives’.  I figure all of our blogging is like the six degrees of separation theory the more we share the greater the chance that every student who follows the blogger has access to the a variety of resources they may not have come across on their own 🙂



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