All set for Prac

I had the opportunity to meet with my mentor and her students this week.  It is always a little nerve wracking and exciting when I first meet the mentor and students whom I will be learning from before a prac.  I find it is a case of trying to gain as much information as I can in that first visit such as scanning the room taking mental notes about  the layout of the classroom and the visual appearance of the classroom for example do I find the room inviting and inspiring.  I often ask myself if I were a student would I want to learn or spend a great deal of my time in this room?  How would I improve on this classroom. I believe that first impressions are important and this includes what and how you feel when you enter a classroom for the first time, not only for me but for students, parents and other classroom visitors.  Don’t get me wrong I am not there to judge or make changes I am simply there to observe and see what works and what doesn’t.

I noticed that the year 3 classroom was connected to a hallway where computers are located along the wall.  I also seen an IWB located at the front of the classroom the availability and easy access of these resources will enhance my goal of teaching through ICT.   My mentor is going to email me out some details about what she expects from me in regards to lessons and has informed me that she wants me to teach history to begin with.  So I am now looking for good interactive resources that I might be able to utilise during my prac experience.  Scootle has so many resources available and although it is time consuming looking at what is available it will be all worth it if I can use some of these resources to keep the students engaged and increase their learning.  I will post any resources I find along the way 🙂 Very excited about going back into the classroom as I feel  this will be a great opportunity to expand my own knowledge of teaching through ICT and I am looking forward to the challenges that lay ahead.  Fingers crossed ICT plays the game with me 🙂



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