Student blogging challenge


Today I was searching for some teacher’s blogs to follow and came across ‘Student blogging challenge’.  I feel this would be a great way to introduce students to the blogging world and allow them to collaborate with students from all over the world at the same time.  I have to admit that my children are a little sheltered when it comes to ICT and the reason for this is because we have always believed it is more important for our children to be outdoors, reading a book or just being a kid.  However the further I get into my studies the more I ask the question, is interacting with ICT now part of being a kid?  I think it is a little ironic that two blogs I came across today both have me thinking about if I have deprived my own children by not encouraging their interaction with ICT.

After reading Fiona’s Blog ‘parents choice’ I began to question why we do not own an IPad and why my children do not have electronic games or ready access to the internet.  Yes we have a computer and a laptop at home but my children only use these if they ask and they only ask if they need it for homework.  So are we depriving our children ? Well yes perhaps we are however after reflecting on why my children do not have the ‘normal’ ICT interaction I realised there is also another underlying reason and that is I am an over protective mother.  I have a 14 year old teenager daughter and I have seen her suffer from bullying on numerous occasions through out her school life and I do not want her joining social networking where cyber bullying can take place anywhere, anytime and as such occurs in the victims own home.

I know I have provided my children with the tools so they can protect them selves against bullying in the play ground (walk away, report and so on) although as I have not allowed them the ICT access in our home I have not provided them with the tools to protect themselves on line.  Instead I have just eliminated the problem instead of addressing it.

Miss W’s student blogging challenge  is full of resourceful links that would help a student to not only discover blogging, but also demonstrate to students how their  digital footprint is created and grows.  The further I get into this course the more I realise how naive I am when it comes to ICT, so much to learn.  It is fine to want to teach it in the classroom but perhaps I should also start at home.



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