We are accountable for our students futures

I love the idea of using ICT in the classroom and can envisage myself using it frequently with my own (once out in the real world) class.  I do often wonder what classrooms will be like in the future if you have ever wondered the same take a look at the you tube clip I have included in my artefact (under tab ‘progression‘).  It is more than possible that students will not have any need for books or pencils in future classrooms and while this idea can seem a bit scary it is also intriguing to think about the possibilities.

Along with these resource changes within the classroom teachers also need to change.   In the words of Dr. Tony Wagner, co-director of Harvard’s Change Leadership Group “teachers need to teach new things in new ways”.  In the clip below Wagner talks about the 7 skills he believes students need for their future.  If we are to ensure our students are skilled for their future we need to make sure they are not stuck ‘between the rock and the hard place’ of which Wagner refers to.  According to Wagner we can avoid this by using content to teach core competencies. If Wagner is correct then we should be enhancing our student’s skills by allowing them to  do what they do well on the internet such as being self directed, exploratory learning and using it for a tool of self expression (Wagner, 2009).


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