Oh look are you using ICT let me stuff that up for you !

The title above sums up the week I have had.  As I posted earlier I overlooked registering my blog, and my problems just seemed to escalate from there.  I  think I would be the only person out of the hundred or more who are doing this course to post all of her posts under one post instead of creating a new post for every entry !!!  I have another virus on my computer (which shuts it down with out warning ) called blue dog or something similar and have struggled to work out the little things (which turned into many hours of googling) such as how to embed a survey into wix. However there is always a positive for a negative and I have been working non stop on my artefact and should be able to post it on here today 🙂  I am now off to look at week three tasks and check out some of my peers blogs.


2 thoughts on “Oh look are you using ICT let me stuff that up for you !

  1. Hi Leesa
    I know your pain. Last semester I had multiple problems with my provider and my computer resulting in me having to complete some assignments at a friends house.
    I now have a new computer and I still feel that I am having trouble because it is Windows 8 which I find very confusing. For example this is the second time I have written this comment, I am not sure where the last one went….. I find it very frustrating and time consuming. Persevere and you will be fine, take comfort in that others are in the same boat as you.
    I am looking forward to seeing your artifact, I too have nearly completed mine and I happy to have done so, now I can do my other assignments !


    • It is like that isn’t Lyn I too have a new laptop and windows but do not use the internet on my phone (as I feel i do enough internetting (if that is a word 🙂 ) at home for uni) so have no idea about apps and of course had a lot to learn when I first started working on my new laptop 🙂

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