Will you be a great Teacher?

08 March 2014

Well what a whirlwind of week it has been!  I am in the process of trying to find a school to take me for prac while also making sure I engage in all four of my courses.  As much as I love 3100 it has consumed a lot of my time this week.  Don’t get me wrong I am truly enjoying this course, there is just a lot of boxes to tick (excuse the pun).   I have made a great start to Assignment one, but I am still trying to master Twitter and Diigo.  After reading introductions on the desk top it soon becomes apparent that I am not alone in this journey.  There are so many students doing this course, that I think it would be impossible to follow all of them so I am going to select a few different ones and make a point of keeping up with their posts.  So far I have found a lot of familiar names that I have worked with before so I am following them but I would also like to follow some that I do not know and as David pointed out it is always good to follow others who are not majoring in the same domain.

I am wondering if I feel so daunted by the amount of resources and information out there in the virtual world how would a child feel or approach it.  In all honesty they would probably do a better job than me.  One thing I have in my favour is that  I know I have to constantly improve my own ICT skills on a regular basis so that I can share my knowledge and vice versa with my future students.    I am sure we all want to be the best teachers we can possibly be and when it comes to technology who better to gain an opinion off than Bill Gates, I hope you enjoy listening to Bill’s opinion of what makes a great teacher.


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