ICT Transforming

09 March 2014

Today I read a post that a fellow blogger posted that really got me thinking.  Bec’s Blog ‘Are we there yet’ contained a post named ‘reflection‘ that I found interesting and did exactly what  I am sure Bec set out to do and that is it had me reflecting on my Uni journey in the sense of the ICT I have used.  Bec asked if the ICT assessment pieces required in certain courses in fact restricted me as I had to follow the requirements of the course.  This post took me back to my very first ICT experience with uni and at first I thought it was my first course but then smiled as I realised it was actually the USQ home page.  Trying to get my head around all of the pages on USQ was very daunting and I was sure there was no way I would ever be able to navigate my way around it all ha ha very funny now that I look back !  Although, Bec was actually asking about assessments and so it was one of my first courses where I was required to create a power point presentation and present it on You tube that my first learning experiences was first transformed.  I do agree with Bec that we are producing assessments that are directed (not sure I am always in tune with what that direction is 🙂 ).  However I think my learning has transformed as I am willing to give most ICT resources a go and to my own amazement and at times frustration will persevere to achieve what I set out to do.  Perhaps I am interpreting ‘transforming’ in the wrong context.  One thing is for sure I have come a long way when it comes to using ICT from creating the very time consuming ‘web quest‘  an ‘eportfolio’ and a ‘multi modal project’  to name a few.  As I look back on all of these assessments I can see how I had to create something that met the brief but I do feel they are all a reflection of me and can see myself using some of these programs in my future journey.


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